ESP32 Cam - working!

Just a report that the new esp32-cam module is working for me. This module works fine with the Ai-Thinker config on esphome’s docs.

I flashed it with a CP2102, the FTL adaptor did not work.

We need 0.91 to work with Home Assistant, I upgraded to 0.91.0b5. 0.91 is probably due tomorrow, but I was impatient to try it.

The wifi signal, with a Ubiquiti AP 2-3 ft away, is low at -66dB, but it does have capacity to use an external antenna.

I haven’t tried anything other than the defaults, ie 640x480 at 10fps.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks @OttoWinter for this amazing setup.


could you provide a link? thanks

I’ve just been playing with one too, also used a CP2102 to flash.

I used Random Nerd Tutorials guide as I am rusty with the ESP32 and the Arduino core.

Signal wise, it looks like a lot of these modules are shipping with the 0ohm resistor configured to use the UFL connector instead of the printed antenna. I was struggling with poor signal and was about to bust the iron out to change it until I remembered I had some aerials from un-used orange-Pi’s I could borrow. Works great with that. It should be fine with the on board aerial too if you have the tools to flip the resistor over - bit of a pain that you need to do one thing or the other to get decent signal though!

Great tip, @PeteA !! Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Wow! Nice to hear it !

Could you post step by step how did you do that?

I will do a write-up, maybe not till the weekend.

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that would be great, thanks in advance

Hello everybody. I also wanted t to flash the board with esphome. I initially used the example sketch of the arduino library and arduino IDE ,just to test the image quality since i’m still using HA 0.90.2, and it worked perfectly. Then i erased the flash memory and using espTool, I installed the bin file createted with esphome, with no luck. The board got stuck in a bootloop. The only solution that I found is to first flash the sketch example with the arduino IDE then, without erasing the memory, flash the esphome bin file using esptool with these parameters: --port /dev/tty.usbserial-A50285BI --chip esp32 write_flash --flash_size 4MB 0x00010000 esp32_cam1.bin

But, unfortunately, the ota update doesn’t work.

I used the FT232RL FTDI USB To TTL to flash the board.
If you have some advice on how to fix the ota, I would be really grateful

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Excellent, thanks.

any good enclosure? How would you place around the house (or externally) such type of cams?

what is that, could you make a photo or maybe a link, thanks

It is not clear to me how you flashed it with ESPHome. I flashed it directly from HA.

First Installed the ESPHome add-on, hooked up the ESP32 Cam to the USB of my Raspberry Pi (that runs HA) using the FT232RL . Then flashed it. From that moment I was able to update OTA via the add on without a problem.

Did the inital flashing with Hassio 0.90.1 and ESPHome 1.12.1.
(btw, started off with that Arduino/Espressif sketch too when I received the board a few weeks ago)

Are there any free GPIO-pins available on the ESP32-CAM module?

I am afraid that they are all used by the camera.

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I use a USB adapter to flash Sonoffs/Wemos boards - do you know if it works with these ESP32 boards?

@Webberk I tried to flash the bord directly from HA as you suggested and it worked perfectly. the problem with the OTA seams to be fixed, thank you for the advice.

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As I said, use a CP2102. See

Yes there are.

This guy had a brilliant idea to use a fake camera as an enclosure.

I just discovered that the board has also a small red led (GPIO33 inverted) that can be usefull as a status led. The main led is controlled by GPIO4


Yes there are pins available for sure. Check this page for the pin details.

The ones that are not in use can be used for sensors. (like OI16, 4,2,12,13). Plan to test it this weekend

As @marco9446 states OI4 is used for the main LED and may not be generally available


Is it possible to use this with a Wyze camera? No idea what the brain of one of those is…

I think one can use the ports for the SD-Card. I would like to add a camera to this ESPHOME and a Hörmann Garage door

I’ll order one :slight_smile: