ESP32 Camera Board - Flashing doesn't seem to be working

I’m using this board:

I’ve connected it using the FT232R FTDI USB Serial interface.

I wired up the board to use the 3.3v power connector, connected it, and found it in the ESPHome list of connected ports.

The board I chose was the ESP-WROVER-KIT but that was a guess from other forum posts. Some said use a different board…I don’t know which is the right one.

I setup the board, gave it a name, configured the SSID and password, then hit Upload with the default config (no settings yet. Just wanted to get the board online.)

The compile was successful in 99.23 seconds, then the upload portion started to run…

At the end I get…

Hard resetting via RTS pin...
========================= [SUCCESS] Took 63.59 seconds =========================
INFO Successfully uploaded program.
INFO Starting log output from /dev/ttyUSB0 with baud rate 115200

And it just sits there. I’m not sure what I need to do now. I believe I need to remove the loop-back connection on IO0 to Ground, but when? Do I disconnect it from the Pi3 first, then remove it, then plug it back in at 3.3V or do I need to re-connect to the 5V connection?

I’m expecting it should get an IP from DHCP at the very least, but it just stays disconnected.

No clue what to do now.

After it uploads the device will try to reboot it can’t because you still have gpio0 grounded. At that point disconnect the power, then the gpio0 pin grounding, and replug the power to reboot it.

I actually had to press the reset button on the board prior to flashing, then press it again after removing the loop-back. I didn’t have to disconnect the power, but I suppose it’s all the same.