Esp32 component not found

Hi all,
I am trying to use a device (Lilygo T5 4.7 e-paper display) and I have found a yaml file with configuration. Problem is, that there is this part in config:

  board: esp32dev
    type: arduino

ESPHome tells me, tah esp32 component is not found.

I read through the documantation and esp32 is mentioned there. Without any notice about some additional configuration needed. So I am little bit confused…

What am I doing wrongly with this part of config?

Please post your code properly, it is in the how to help us to help you thread. Also post your logs.

:+1: changed as suggested

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Which version of esphome (dashboard) are you running? Most recent is 2022.1.2.

Hmmm… Integration in Home Assitant. It says 1.14.5. So how to upgrade it manualy, if this was not upgraded automaticaly as a rest of addons?

This is like stone age :hammer_and_pick:

You probably need to get rid of a (old) custom repository first. Esphome should be part of the default repository since a year or two…

Have to found more about it… Thanks