ESP32 Device was ESPHome, but I want it to be ESPresense

I originally setup an ESP32 device as an ESPHome BT Proxy. I reconsidered and reformatted it to be an ESPresense device. However Home Assistant continues to recognize it as ESPHome. At this point, I would prefer to not have any remnants of ESPHome in my system at all. Maybe someday again in the future though.

How do I resolve this? Basically I want HA to forget it every knew anything about this particular ESP32 device so it can be seen as a vanilla ESPresense node. I’ve added others with no problem.

Just remove that specific ESP in ESPHome integration, reboot HA, and then add it back :wink:

Why add it back?

I think he meant allow it to be added as an ESPresence device. Which isn’t technically “back,” but it’s close enough.

This is pretty much what I thought I did. I had an ESPHome device setup. I deleted/removed it. I remember seeing in ESPHome the “adopt” option, which of course I didn’t do. Then I removed ESPHome add-on altogether so it doesn’t appear in my sidebar anymore.

I then formatted my esp32 for espresense and added it. However, now I see this in my devices list:

And this when I look at the device:

The node works as it’s supposed to, but I’d really like to remove any indication that it’s being used for ESPHome. Just confusing to me as I’m just learning how to set these up.

Oh, I’ve restarted Home Assistant several times already.

I just restarted again. And something DID change this time – the icon. But the device still showed as being part of ESPHome. However, when I clicked on the ESPHome node in the device page, I discovered that it still had a BT Proxy associated with it, which I COULD delete. I swear I didn’t see that possibility before.

After deleting the node, the problem is resolved.

Thanks so much for the help. Sorry for the slight false alarmness of it. And Happy Holidays!

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