Esp32 home assistant no definition found for output command

Hello I am new into programming ESP32 and Home Assistant and I have a problem with my ESP 32 Home Programm. I watched this video: This is SO Much Better! Getting Started with ESPHome 2021 - YouTube
At Minute 21:00 you can see the full programm. But when I try to install the programm i get this error message:

INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/esphome-web-81b590.yaml...
ERROR Error while reading config: Invalid YAML syntax:

mapping values are not allowed here
  in "/config/esphome/esphome-web-81b590.yaml", line 34, column 6:
       id: "LED_LABOR"

And in my programm it looks like this:



  -platform: gpio

   id: "LED_LABOR"

   pin: 14


  -platform: binary

   output: "LED_LABOR"

   name: "LABOR"

I am looking forward to get your help. Thank you in advance;)
PS: I cant put screenshots to my post because i am new.

I am assuming you are testing or turning on/off a static light.

Your mapping is off. Change pin to:

    pin: GPIO14

Ok thanks i will try it;)

No Configuration Types — ESPHome

Should be

- platform

Note the space between - and platform

Hey thanks @nickrout for the correction, I didn’t mean to lead him astray. I had issues back in the day and what I thought I had wrong with mine was the ‘GPIO’ add, but must have been a syntax issue like this one.

Its also not working. Do i need any ad-ons or Instalations before i can programm my esp 32?