ESP32 ILI-display and PSRAM really necessary?

I am using the ILI9488 TFT display (320x480 pixel SPI-version) in many freestanding platformio projects with ESP32MINI (with Bodmers TFT_eSPI library).
This is a fantastic library that is very fast and has LOTS of functions.

Now I would like to integrate this project into ESPHOME (the same configuration, basically just a ESP32MINI and a ILI9488 SPI display), but if I run install in ESPHOME, it wont work.
The log says that the display is “Marked Failed” ,and that it Failed to init memory.

Is there any way around this (as there are no speed/memory issues in platformio using this hardware combination ??

(If I replace the ESP32MINI in ESPHOME, with a ESP32S2MINI (that has PSRAM), the display works, so it seems as this has to do with the way ESPHOME deals with the ESP32MINI)…

ESP32MINI & ILI9488 with platformio:

Yaml, logs. Bare minimum.

Same hardware as above and part of the log output from ESPHOME (Just trying to output a text line “Hello World”…:

What part to bare minimum is impossible to understand?

And don’t post images of your logs. It’s text.