ESP32 in both BTHome and ESPHome?

I am using Hassio with BTHome and ESPHome integrations. Selecting the ESPHome integration I see my three esp devices and they have an “Adopt” option. Should I do this? I believe they are part of the BTHome integration. If I do not, how do I keep the firmware updated?

I do not think I enabled encrypted ota. Might have during an upgrade, hard to remember. I have tried “Adopting” one of the devices, it wants to assign what seems to be a new encryption key, which I tried skipping and it fails to update, refusing the connection.

Trying not to be completely helpless,I have examined all the files I can think of. My secrets.yaml has an API key, I don’t see any entries for ota:

I don’t mind digging around, but what should I expect? And to the original point, should I have both BTHome and ESPHome running together? Is that best practices?

I came across this because one of the esp devices seems to be getting intermittent with it’s connection, which years ago if that happened, I would simply update the firmware to fix those kinds of things.

Am I simply going to have to reburn and integrate those ESP32’s?

Probably the quickest route in case you lost encryption keys/passwords…

I doubt that. The esphome integration didn’t allow to adopt esphome nodes at all. It allows you to integrate them into HA.

On the other hand the esphome dashboard add-on which is for managing/editing/updating/creating esphome nodes does allow to adopt detected and supported esphome nodes so you can manage them (after successful adoption).

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So the rub is I won’t be able to “successfully” adopt them. So burn and redo it’s looking like. I will experiment with Adopting. They used to be integrated, so was surprised to see that. I will look at some old backups to see if I use to have keys.

But as to having both BTHome and ESPHome integrations will not interfere with each other?

The integration is completely independented from the adoption. If you only integrate them you can’t edit/manage/update your nodes - which on the long runs isn’t much advisable

No, they work hand in hand. The esphome node does the Bluetooth proxy function and in ha you integrate your ble devices with the corresponding integration that your thing speaks (bthome, xiaomi, …)

All of the esp32’s appear as online in ESPHome, but updating them fails.

I have access now to the keys and passwords, but not clear which path to take.
1.) Create new Yaml for each of them?
2.) flash them from the beginning and substitute the new versions.
If I perform #2, should I delete the existing instances, or can I salvage some of that?

What’s the exact error message shown?

Clicking install starts the compile. Everything downloads, and then the compile itself just seems to hang without messaging. I have let it sit for an hour without result

What’s your hardware? How much memory?

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This is a good clue!

I had HA running in a FreeBSD jail, but after an upgrade, I am having issues. So I transferred it ‘temporarily’ to a Raspberry Pi 4 Model b with a 32gb SDCard.
So 4gb of ram… I now notice that HA seems to be rebooting during the compile and I hadn’t noticed that.

Here are my choices at this point:
1.) Change out the SDCard as it has become suspicious to me, re-install, and then apply a backup. Or at least throw the card into a Mac so I can properly check it’s integrity.
2.) Temporarily install the installation onto a VirtualBox, get all the compiling done and tested, then put it back on the Pi while I sort the FreeBSD Jails.
3.) Fix the Jails first.

Frankly, I will probably approach these in the order given, but I appreciate any feedback.