ESP32 Mic only work with English Pipeline

I have a ESP32 with I2S Mic using ESPHome and successfully detect wakeword and streaming the wav audio to HomeAssistant, but it work with Pipeline which using English only.

This is the ESPHome Log for Vietnamese Pipeline, whenever I push to run the voiceassistant.start service. It stop in “State changed from STARTING_MICROPHONE to STREAMING_MICROPHONE” and do not stream any WAV file to HomeAssistant.

And this is the Log with an English Assistant, after it set the state to STARTING_MICROPHONE, it listen and send the WAV file to HomeAssistant, which work normally:

In these two case I change the pipeline only, nothing change on ESPHome yaml file.

I tried other language and the result are the same. And my VietnameseAssistant work normally with the assistant on Android or IOS, only issues with ESPHome.

Who did it work with other language than English could you share the pipeline setting please?

Turn out that it is because of openWakeWord. When I remove wake word from pipeline, my vietnamese assistant worked.

But I saw a lot of demo they also use wake word with their native language, howww?