ESP32 module with touch display


I stumbled over this - - which could be a nice base for an ESP32 based LCD control panel … But…

Driver for the Display is ST7796 - which apparently is covered by the ili9xxx component…
But I am unsure about the touch IC (GT911) ? I assume, that capacitive touch would be the best model…

UPDATE: Schematic says XPT2046 - but still not sure about if the ESP has enough memory…

Has anyone succeeded in getting this module up and running with ESPhome ?


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No, it doesn’t… The link shows that is running on a ESP-WROOM-32 chipset. ESPHome will not successfully run a 320x480 display using this config. It requires a chipset with additional PSRAM, typically a WROVER based one. See this comment from developer.

You can use this board with HA still, either by rolling your own code, or depending on your use case you could use openHASP

I am using openHASP with a similar combination of board, processor and touchscreen for my media controllers in HA, I also use the same display/touchscreen combination with a WROVER and ESPHome.

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I endorse the openhasp recommendation.

Hm… And the one thing missing the most on openhasp for me, is the ability to display graphs… (currently not built-in)

Not sure about natively drawing graphs, but if you can generate an image on your HA device, you can upload it to the esp with openhasp.push_image

IF you can obtain one, the ESP32-S3-BOX device might be an option.

No sure on how to generate graph images and export them.
Is this limited to “native” lovelace, or can it also be done, e.g. when using apexchart ?

Just a note for anyone searching for the display the OP mentioned. I’ve had trouble getting the internal DAC going with ESPHome, but the rest is Good. I’m using ESP32-2432 Display.