ESP32 Multiple UART - Any Pins?

I’m looking for a suitable device for my Victron setup - the intention is to connect two devices to it using UART (a SmartShunt and a SmartSolar MPPT). Am I right in saying that an ESP32 device can use 3 hardware UARTs and they can be any available pin assignment?

I have some of these in stock and planned to just use two of the available pins for the RX pins for my project (TX isn’t required). So in my project yaml can I define something like;


  • TX1 = G2 (not used)
  • RX1 = G1 (to TX of my first device)


  • TX2 = G14 (not used)
  • RX2 = G17 (to TX of my second device)


  • GND = commoned between device 1 and 2 or maybe a separate ground from each port on the device depending on my mood on the day :wink:

These two resources are excellent.

A few years back I started using the “priority 1 pins” in the vid and my number of easily avoidable dramas dropped dramatically.

Edit: Although if that is an S3 then things might differ.