ESP32 not showing up on USB serial

Hi I received this ESP32 board, but I can’t perform the first flash through USB.

I plugged it in the USB port of my Raspberry Pi 3, host of Home Assistant OS.
From the ESPHome add-on, I followed the tutorial for the first configuration, but the board doesn’t show up in the serial ports available.

The same happens if I plug it in my Macbook Pro M1 with macOS Big Sur, after I installed the suggested drivers.

I tried a couple of different USB cables, what could I try to do to effectively test the USB cable and rule it out from the issue?
Other suggestions?

Hi, thanks for your answer but as I wrote in my post I’m using a Macbook and the Raspberry Pi which is the host of HA OS.
Also the board I’m referring to has only a single reset button, not two as it’s mentioned in that post (please see the link I provided for showing which board I’m referring to).

That does not matter. You are using a web browser to access ESPHome. Just ignore the 1st point and concentrate on the boot procedure in point 2.

The board has a reset button and has an IO0 pin (labelled 0/R11 on your board), use them.