ESP32 "off-the-shelf" supporting ESPHome, acting as Bluetooth Proxy

Can anyone suggest a ESP32 “off the shelf” module/board that can be used as a Bluetooth Proxy? I have a couple of Bluetooth temperature sensors (Govee H5075, which I believe is BLE) I’d like to integrate into Home Assistant.

As the board would be placed in close vicinity to a Linksys mesh router, I could connect it via Ethernet (not PoE though). I read that the ESP32 antenna would have to switch between Bluetooth and Wifi otherwise, but am unsure if that’s only a theoretical issue or if it’s relevant when the only (current) usage is to connect/listen to four or five temperature sensors.

I’ve noticed the M5Stack Atom Lite and also the Shelly Gateway and thought they might be a good choice as they have a case. These two have no Ethernet though, I don’t know if their chipset meets the requirements, if their antenna is strong enough to be able to listen through a chimney/brick wall etc. – so I’d welcome any specific suggestion, especially if you know, that something works.


I use a generic esp32 module with esphome using wifi to collect data from 6 BLE sensors. No issues.

Have a look at this boards: ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy

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Thanks, good to hear that it’s not necessary to connect it via Ethernet. Besides that, what makes a module “generic” and what makes it non-generic? Is it the case? The chipset? The ESPhome website also just mentions “This option only works for “plain” ESP32 and not for ESP32-C3 or other variants.”. Until 48 hours ago, I didn’t even know what ESP32 is, so I’d want to be sure not to order a product with a non-supported chipset.

Thanks, that helps. As three options mention “Warning: This board requires extra work.” that leaves “generic ESP32” (however I can make sure I’d buy a “generic” one), M5Stack Atom Lite and Olimex ESP32 Power-over-Ethernet ISO.

I have a bunch of the Mija BLEs connected to an ESP32 running ESPHome and reporting back to HA.

I actually have a couple of boards that can all hit the same Mija’s and I am amazed at what range they get sometimes,