Esp32 + oled

Good evening, everyone.
This is an ambitious project with advanced knowledge.

In my future alarm project I intend to put in my wallpanell a fingerprint reader and rfid we will not linger on I already have functional prototype and I do not intend to change on this point

I would also like to integrate a screen ssd1306om oled.

I thought we could control it by mqtt.

For those who have already played with j would like to know if it would be possible. Show

  • armed state or no alarm.
  • at the time of arming the name of the person and the armed group. ( c is the easy party)

In a second time if possible a timer indicating the remaining time before arming.
If we get there already it would be nice.

But I’d like to push with the timer
Like a circle surrounding the number and circle is reduced to each second less.

Finally all this is possible thank you.

Yes it is possible.

But also.

For text like system armed i think text_sensor

But for timer i have no idea and for the circle…

Perhaps you 'd wanna rethink about oled… since information will be constantly shown and
will more or less stay the same then count on burn-in effects pretty soon. Classic LCD is better in this way.
Or at least when not used lower brightness to lowest possible…

Getting the data to it is pretty easy assuming you have it on HA. But you’ll need C programming skills to write the display function.

Out of the box you have only pretty basic drawing tools and text output functions. There may be libraries that you can add to make your life a little easier. Maybe take a look at this thread: