ESP32-S3 4.3inch Capacitive Touch Display from - waveshare

I just got mine from Amazon today. Going to use what everyone has posted as a starting point, and once I have a decent integration going, I’ll post up the code here and on my github


Hey folks,

just got mine as well. Any updates here on how to get it running?

Just got my ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-7 in today – I’m able to get the clock display using the config above, now checking for 7" specific settings.

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The code posted from Jon_2232 above worked great for me except that me touchscreen is not working and likely has nothing to do with software.

For others, if the OTA debug info isn’t helping, install the software via usb and you will see more debug info than OTA provides (in my case. only “Component touchscreen was marked as failed” below showed up with OTA)

[14:21:28][C][gt911.touchscreen:028]: Setting up GT911 Touchscreen…
[14:21:28][E][gt911.touchscreen:062]: Failed to communicate!
[14:21:28][E][component:119]: Component touchscreen was marked as failed.
[14:21:28][E][component:164]: Component touchscreen set Error flag: unspecified

You need to define touch screen under section lvgl


  • touchscreen_id: