ESP32-S3-BOX-3 making a strange noise?

I am super enthusiast on how Voice Assistant is progressing within HA: see below how Jarvis opens the “panic room” to access my bedroom (wakeword and phrase will change later for safety reasons):

The Wakeword turns ON a Shelly-Mini relay for two seconds to release the latching security of the door. I no longer need to enter my code to enter: so cool !

The screen of the S3-Box is turned off most of the time, excepts when someone is detected going upstairs and will never turned on if I lay in bed (matress sensor detected).

This being said, the Box-3 is installed 5-6 meter from my room and I hear some sort of ennoying repetitive “Tuck” sounds spaced every 20-30 secs or so. I can’t indentify what is the reason for this. This looks like a relay triggred inside the S3 device but nothing appears on screen nor the screen is turning on. Sound is similar when your screen content changes, actually. What could be the reason for this repetitive noise and how to avoid it ?

EDIT: I believe my Wi-Fi signal is a bit weak there… close to the limit, bringing some disconections…