ESP32-S3-BOX not waking

Hello all, I recently found out about the esphome-supported voice assistant firmware for the ESP32-S3-BOX unit (which I bought last year and used a bit with willow). Since yesterday I have been trying to get it to work, without success. I’m running HA 2024.5.2, and I used Ready-Made Projects — ESPHome to load the firmware onto the unit. Right now the screen shows a smiling gray house, so I believe that means that it’s connected to my HA instance (yay!). However, when I speak the wake word absolutely nothing happens. I can watch the logs and confirm that no activity takes place.

I have seen a few posts from others describing a similar problem, but most of them either reloaded and cured the problem, or the thread went dead. I have reinstalled the firmware 4 or 5 times now, so I don’t think the 7th time is going to be “the one” or anything.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have a BOX3 on the way, so hopefully that one will work, but I’d like to have this one working as well since I already have it.

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HA>>settings>>voice assistant

Did you setup and configure a voice assistant?

I can’t speak for James but i’m having a similar issue with my device.

Maybe once or twice after the device reboots it will wake with ‘okay nabu’ but after that it seems totally deaf to me. It’s acting like one of my kids when they were young :slight_smile:

Additionally, it might also be randomly waking based on some sound inperceptible to the human ear. Several times during the night i’ll hear it wake up & spout some sentence that i can’t make out since I & anyone else are in another room. Weird stuff.

I have paused my esp voice assistant experimentation for the time being until i can afford to spend more time invesetigating.

Just sayin’.

Yes, I had an assistant configured from my previous work with willow. Below the assistant, the page says 46 entities exposed 1 assist device which implies that HA knows about the existence of the S3 Box.

That smiling house is mocking me! :rofl:

I received my ESP32-S3-BOX3 in the mail yesterday, so today I tried to follow the same procedure for setting it up. After adopting it into my HA install, I’m stuck in exactly the same spot. It boots up and displays the gray smiley face, but it does not respond to any wake word. :frowning:

I wondered if I might be mispronouncing the wake word, so I changed the configuration on the S3-Box to use a different wakeword model (hey_jarvis). That did not alter the behavior of the box, it is still completely unresponsive to either wake word.