ESP32 sensors working but do not appear in Home assitant

I have followed the configuration on ESPHome for the ATM90E26 Energy sensor. The sensor values appear in the ESP device log but do not appear as entities in home assitant. Can someone advise what i am missing:

This is the code in the device.yaml

# ATM90E26 single phase energy Meter

  plconst_cal: '1429876' # default: 1429876, compute as 838860800 * (gain_pga * < sampled voltage (mV) at 1Amp current> * < sampled voltage (mV) at reference voltage> / (<pulse constant (e.g. 3200 pulses/kWh)> * <reference voltage, e.g. 230V>))
  current_cal: '32801'   # default: 31251
  voltage_cal: '17528'   # default: 26400 - Application note says this should be < 32768, maybe for some internal computation?
  metering_cal: '7481'   # default: 7481 - Calibrate this to match your meter based on the CF1 (CFx) pulse.

  clk_pin:  3
  miso_pin: 4
  mosi_pin: 5

  - platform: atm90e26
    cs_pin: 6
      name: E_volt
      accuracy_decimals: 1
      name: E_amp
      name: E_watt
      accuracy_decimals: 1
      name: E_ReaPower
      name: E_pf
      accuracy_decimals: 2
      name: E_Fpower
      name: E_RevPower
      name: E_freq
    line_frequency: 50Hz
    pl_const: ${plconst_cal}
    meter_constant: '3200.0'  
    gain_metering: ${metering_cal}
    gain_voltage: ${voltage_cal}
    gain_ct: ${current_cal}
    gain_pga: 1X
    update_interval: '10s'

when I download the yaml to the device it operates fine as shown in the screenshot:

none of the sensors (E_volt, E_current, etc) appear in home Assistant.

any ideas?

You need to set your wifi credentials in the device file so it can connect.

And if you have wifi and api in your yaml you can follow up here:

WIFI all setup and connected fine.

Once it was configured and programmed through ESPHome, I failed to add it as a device to Home Assitant on the integrations page.
All fixed.
Thanks for your replies.