Esp32 the 8266 Tasmota and ESPHome

Hi All,

Just looking for some input on the subject of 32/8266 wifi sensors.

I have been using for the past 12 months or more esp8266’s with tasmota for temp/hum/movement/lux sensors. I connect them to HA via MQTT and to be honest I’m pretty impressed at the ease and reliability.

I recently purchase trial esp32 and an esp32cam boards.

I have since discovered that getting tasmota on them is near impossible (for me anyway) and now I’m at a crossroad as to where to go.

  • Can I use tasmota, and the HA gui module with ESPHome.
  • If I am generally going to stay with devices on the esp8266 line can I program up the esp32’s remotely with another tool and connect them to HA after flashed.

I’m not looking for a “whats better then the other” discussion but a how can I use these boards in conjunction or your better doing it this way advice.

Sorry if this is a bit newbie but not 100% of how this is laid out.


Tasmota only works with esp8266’s. If you want to use esp32, you need to look for something else. Esphome is a good candidate.

Hi Francis,

I assume the process is

  • install and flash esp32 from a pc giving it wifi
  • connect to the defice via wifi / web gui (not sure)
  • configure it in HA

The usual procedure is

  1. install esphome on a linux computer. This may or may not be your ha machine.
  2. Plug the esp32 into that computer via a usb cable.
  3. Write your basic esp config.
  4. Upload by the usb cable.
  5. The esp32 will reboot and connect to wifi.
  6. Future uploads can be done over the air.
  7. It self configures in ha.

sweet thankyou francis and nick