Esp32 + touch display + HA

Hi everyone
My aim is to understand what components are needed to create a wireless 7 inch touch display mounted on my wall, or on an outlet in my wall that my HA can send Cards or Dashboards to. The optimal solution would be that the display is the only component that would need wired power, and that the communication to and from the display is done by wifi.

To start answering some of these questions, I was wondering if You might take a look at the device in the link and help me understand the following;

  • Can I project or cast a Lovelace/dashboard or individual Card to an ESP32 connected touch display, such as linked

  • Can I use the physical input from the display, to trigger events etc, inside of HA, on the device in the link

  • Is the device in the attached link a complete bundle for the above to be achieved?

I have been on the hunt for a “One Stop Shop” regarding “Buy this, and you have what is needed to build a display to connect to HA”, but all I can find is allot of talk about individual components etc.

All help and all ideas are welcome
Please help me out :grinning:

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Really? No one?

No :no_entry_sign: A esp32 is simply not powerful enough to run a browser engine or even render a ha dashboard :snail:

That should work but requires to deploy the functions you want with the *ware and will not “solve” the problem that you can’t just “send”/“stream”/“project”/“cast” cards or dashboards to the display :tv:


Might be a better fit to “just” get a android tablet and run the home assistant companion as launcher on it. That way you can achieve what you want and directly interact with dashboards like you are used on your phone :selfie: or computer :computer:

Good morning!
Thank you for answering and explaining this to me!

And yes, the alternative I was considering was just that; get my hands on a tablet and run a browser and kiosk mode… Or maybe just a stand alone 7 inch display with HDMI-input and connect a Chromecast to it…

the device you pointed to (on Ali-Shop) seems to be very similar to the Elecrow ESP32 Terminal 3.5 inch with touch
The Elecrow do state, that they support ESPHome. If this is true, in fact you can not mirror lovelace, but you can do a very lot of displaying states, diagrams and so on.
Just start reading ESPHome.

Next, either give the Elecrow (apprx. between 30 US$ and 45 €) a try, or buy an ESP32 NodeMCU (8€), a tiny SSD1306 OLED (3€) and a Breadboard (4€) and start playing with, to get a feeling.

I am at later stage and thinking about buing the Elecrow, because my Wife would never accept ugly display cabinets from 3D printers, but the Elecrow housing is okay.

Please note the HA and ESPH logos in the screenshot… can’t judge, if they are true.

One of the buyers at your cited Ali-sold device claimed he just “installed OpenHASP without trouble and integrated it in his Home Assistant Setup”. May be true. Can’t say anything about it. Seems to refer to OpenHASP (HA Switch Plate)

After some reading, both displays are refering the same graphics library and using similar base components. So MY guess is: both are OpenHASP devices.