Esp32 with (2) MAX6675 and no readings below 32°F


I have two Max6675 K-type thermocouples running on the spi, with a DHT11 for reading ambient temps in my garage. The issue i am running into is the thermocouples will not read below 32°F, but then will pickup and read again with higher temps. I took a few minutes looking at the filters to see if there was an applicable setting without anything jumping out at me, and searching didn’t turn up anything i could find. I am assuming it’s a function of reading 0°C, but am just starting on ESPhome, and not familiar in looking under the hood at the dependencies. Can anyone shed some light on a fix for this? Thanks in advance!

The data sheet says 0 deg to 1024 deg C

Thanks for eyes, meatball oversight on my part…

If you need below zero the upgraded version 31855 will measure down to -200C with the same thermocoupling.


Thanks for the heads up, I ordered a couple this morning to try out.