Esp32cam and picture elements card

I recently installed 2 esp32-cams in my home. I use the picture elements card to show them. So when I’m on my network at home it has no issues showing up…but when I try and view them in my security tab they are unavailable…but my blue iris cams are there. Any ideas?

What’s the difference between ‘home’ and ‘security tab’?

Not home tab…home network

And you’re not viewing this security tab from your home network?
You are very minimalistic with words/your explanation but maybe someone else understands you better then I.

When I’m at home on my local network. I can view my security cameras that are in my security tab where all my security related items are as well as my cameras on blue iris and the esp32cams. They work fine when I’m at home. But when I’m not home and at work the only cameras I see are my blue iris ones and not the eap32cams using the picture elements card.

So this is from the mobile app, what about when you use a browser on another system on you LAN?
What kind of HA setup do you run?

I’m running an Rpi3b+. Using a browser on my computers at home on my LAN I can see the cameras. It’s when I’m not connected to my LAN on a computer at work or on the mobile app that I can’t see my cameras.