Esp32cam fps with api enabled


I was struggling with low fps with esp32cam homeassistant integration. If I clicked on the camera in the homeassistant dashboard the videos lagged so much it was useless. I found out it is now possible to configure the esp32cam webserver component esp32_camera_web_server which enabled a webserver on the esp32cam. With that configuration I got then over the browser (http://esp32cam:8080) about 3 fps.

I tried then to disable the api from the esp32cam (commented “api:” in the yaml file) and after that i got 30 fps over the http stream!

However the api is needed for other functions like light, restart, motion sensor, etc.

Has anybody got acceptable fps over the native homeassistant integration?

My Setup: Homeassistant container and esphome container both running on RPI 4

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