Esp32cam problem

Hello everyone this is my first post.

Im’ currently having some trouble with the stream of a esp32cam flashed with esphome. It is weird cause everything seems to work correctly on the esphome log and i do get several messages saying “[D][esp32_camera:159]: Got Image: len=207756” bla, bla. But on the Lovelace picture glance card no stream is shown if i choose live mode, only on auto mode.

The most weird is that the stream is shown on my iphone on the home assistant app even when im away using nabu casa to connect to my pi back home, and if I use another computer to connect with nabu casa it does not work. It seems it only works on my iphone app.

This is my yaml file for the esphome node. Thanks in advance for any help!!


`name: esp32cam`

`platform: ESP32`

`board: esp32cam`


`ssid: "bla"`

`password: "bla"`

`# Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails`


`ssid: "Esp32Cam Fallback Hotspot"`

`password: "3qCg24ohepQC"`


`# Enable logging`


`# Enable Home Assistant API`



`# ESP32-CAM`



`pin: GPIO0`

frequency: 20MHz


sda: GPIO26

scl: GPIO27

data_pins: [GPIO5, GPIO18, GPIO19, GPIO21, GPIO36, GPIO39, GPIO34, GPIO35]

vsync_pin: GPIO25

href_pin: GPIO23

pixel_clock_pin: GPIO22

power_down_pin: GPIO32

resolution: 1600x1200

name: garden

# ... Frame Settings


- platform: status

name: "Camara Status"

# Flashlight


- platform: gpio

pin: GPIO4

id: gpio_4


- platform: binary

output: gpio_4

name: flash