ESP32s and ESPHome

Hello friends!
A few days ago I bought an ESP32 development board. It must be a different version than the ones I see in tutorials to install ESPHome (ESP32S ??) I have a usb ttl board to connect it to the PC and flash it but I don’t know how the cables are placed. Could you tell me how to install ESPHome on this board?
Thanks in advance!

You don’t need the USB-TTL cable. See the USB mini connector on your board?

Just use USB mini to USB A cable to connect the board to your Home Assistant / PC USB port.

Also for ESP32’s there is a specific sequence you must follow for the bootloader:

On your board the IO0 button is labelled “BOOT”.

Thank you very much @tom_l . The solution you indicated worked. In my case, an extra step was missing for it to recognize the port. Install the driver I found on GitHub.

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