ESP8266 and Nespresso

Hi to everyone!
I’m quite new to the esp world but i’ve done few project and continue to gain interestest in that.

My next goal: integrate my stupid nespresso machine in home assistant so i can have my hot cofee as soon as i get up in the morning to satisfy my lazy big ass.

The first step is quite easy: i’m gonna place a relay on the coffee button, program my esp to close it for 0.2 second and it’s gonna turn on. I’d like to have a feedback about it, the machine has a led that will blink during the warmup and be fix as soon the machine is ready: ho could i use this?? no idea about that, any clue?
Thanks to everyone

Hi @cosimobernicchi, Were you able to connect your Nespresso with HA using an ESP8266?
I’d like to connect my Nespresso and I have a couple of questions.
Thanks in advance

You could also use a simple Shelly Uni to do what you want.

just a set of automation tip(s) pitfalls

so what do you do when

  • water level is below required ?
  • no coffee pad/pod thingy is inserted
  • no cup is set below it (or overflowed) autloads a mug with a arm is an option?
  • no power to the machine
  • cleaning cycle is mandatory and no coffee wil be made? → cup is filled with cleanin water + your coffee
  • you are not at home for a reason

to add

  • soldering issues (least of your problem)
  • esp failure
  • relay (the thing that simulates a button push) fuses (its a thing) so SSR might be needed

I would advise to skip the pad/pod thingy and invest in an automatic coffee machine that grinds the beans and brews a fresh cup and the mug loader that prevents cleaning water in the cup …

you might want to also look into a power efficient method voor the recieving end 24/7 online thing is a power hungry thing.

but having said all that … a relay that simulates the button press (double switch single lamp circuit) and the led you can read the + pin from the led on a ADC with a resistor (voltage divider) its either on/off or PWM managed but once you get a signal your off to the races.