ESP8266 MQTT populated 0.96" OLED display

Link to my OLED Display (when a big screen is too much!!)

3 lines of text able to be set via MQTT messages

Text will resize if it wont fit on the line.

I assume that you know how to load the relevant libraries that are required in arduino

Hope it might be of use to someone

Phil Wison


My god ! I was looking for something like this last year !

Totally missed this ! Gonna break out the oled screen

Thank you very much for this…

I have been trying to do this on a LCD screen for the last couple of days… This has defiantly saved my brain a couple more nights :slight_smile:

Might just pinch a couple of lines from yours…

Ooooo, will you post to GitHub or here once ur done ?

Follow the link above?

Very cool, will take a look at this, I just got one in the other day but I did notice it has multiple pins but is supposed to work with i2c as well.