ESP8266 Sending Data via RF 433mhz?

The WiFi in my house is terrible (I have a 1mtr thick stone wall half way through my house from where the house was extended) 433mhz RF is fine.

My question is:
Can I use a ESP8266 the other side of the thick wall (in the wifi dead zone) with a light sensor for my Washer/Dryer “done light” send a RF signal to a Sonoff RF bridge in the good WiFi area to report to home assistant?

I’ve not played with ESP8266 previously so don’t know what’s possible…

I also don’t have the option of using Ethernet as the wall is 1mtr thick and made of stone… And powerline isn’t an option as it’s on a separate electricity ring (I’ve tried this already…)

Not even by going over the wall in the roof space?

Why complicate things with the ESP? Why not just use a 433MHz sensor to send directly to the bridge?

Happy to use a 433mhz light sensor but not sure where to look?

The wall in question goes right the way up to the roof line so no way to go over or around. It’s the original external wall of the house, when they extended the house they punched a door sized hole into it and built new external walls on the outside.
After I sort out this I plan on looking into how I can get a nest working as I’ll need to run the thermostat writing out of the new external wall, around the outside of the house and back in to the living room…

You could do something with this module:

And any 433MHz transmitter, e.g.

Just connecting the DO line of the LM393 module to one of the switch inputs might flood the 433MHz network though. So an edge detection circuit that sends a pulse on a rising edge from the LM393 module D0 line to one switch and a falling edge to another of the three remaining switches would be a better way.

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Something to look into, thanks!

Happy to hear any other ideas anyone may have too.

I even considered getting a cheap 433mhz temp sensor, de-soldering the sensor element and putting a lux meter in it’s place and then seeing what happens. (I don’t care about gradual changes, just on/off)
I may look more into that idea if I get time later tonight actually, once the baby is in bed.
As if by magic… on this very forum…

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Do yourself a favour and drill a hole though the wall. An ethernet cable is only 5mm or so thick.

yes, it’s only a 5mm hole, but I’d need a 1mtr long drill bit to get through the solid stone wall. You can get larger size drill bits that are designed to get through walls like that but the size of that hole would be excessive to get through a wall that size.
So would be a very low Wife Acceptance Factor…
Not to mention running an ethernet cable through the entire house to get to the wall in question (unless using powerline, then only use ethernet for the wall section).

Plus, I get to play with electronics and get started with MQTT if I Frankenstein my own sensor :smiley: