ESP8266 Uart problem. Works fine on ESP32

I have a batterybank for my homestorage and i have 5x Daly bms that i want to have on my HA site.
I am getting everything to work with my AZ-Delivery ESP32 but when i use my AZ ESP8266 12F i get it online and everything. But it doesnt give me any values.

I am connected via Uart on these pins.
Daly RX - Gpio1
Daly TX - Gpio3
Daly Gnd - G
Daly 3.3v - 3.3v

Exact the same configuration on esp32.
Someone have a clue!?
I did 5 of them and no one works so its not bad hardware.

Also did new test and did a I2C connection. And then i get values from a different sensor.
So its Uart on 8266 that dont work. HOW!?

Would you post the code you are using in full and I will help with troubleshooting I have a board of each free. I am assuming that you are using ESPhome?

It is quite late here so I may have to continue in the morning.

Other then the usual stuff for ap and so on this is the code.
Basicly the example code from esphome.

# Enable logging


  level: DEBUG

  baud_rate: 0


  - id: uart_0  

    tx_pin: GPIO1

    rx_pin: GPIO3

    baud_rate: 9600


  uart_id: uart_0  

  update_interval: 10s


  - platform: daly_bms


      name: "Battery Current"


      name: "Max Cell Voltage"


      name: "Min Cell Voltage"


      name: "Max Temperature"


      name: "Min Temperature"


      name: "Temperature 1"


      name: "Temperature 2"


  - platform: daly_bms


      name: "BMS Status"

Sorry been away. will set to it in the morning. In the meantime;

Which version of ESPHome are you using?

Also worth noting that the ESP32 uses hardware UART and the ESP8266 software.

I also have noticed that your post is in the uncategorized category?
You probably will get more direct assistance by moving it to the esphome category.

@moderators would you be able to do this please?

I will of course continue to assist you but there are those more experienced with esphome than I!

I am using the 2023.7.0 firmware.
Would be a bummer to buy five new Esp32 when i have the other ones :confused: .