Espeasy and rain sensor state via mqtt

Hi i’m new in espeasy and i like to “recycle” my old commercial Hunter rain sensor (see pic) with a nodemcu.

Basically it is a 2 wire sensor. When it is dry, it is a close contact. When it is wet, it is a open contact.
The sensor has no battery or power line in, so i’m not sure how to work internally!

(in my old hunter eco-logic 4 station it works in this config…if i don’t want to use a rain sensor, the 2 input sensor pins on the Hunter controller must be bridged. I think is valid for all rain sensor on the market)

So i’d like to use this rain sensor to a nodemcu with espeasy but i’m not sure how to config input pin.
I think one wire to 3.3v and the other one to a pin set as analog input type? And i need to check every xx minutes the state of this pin? If it is 3.3v send a mqtt message with “not_rain” message, and if is 0v send “is_raining” message?

I’m not sure:
1 If type analog pin is a good choise
2 how check the value of an analog input pin is high or low (for example if i have 3.2v instead 3.3v…??)