Espeasy no Connection to HA over MQTT

I wanted to build a plant sensor with espeasy, but it is not publishing any data to the Mosquitto MQTT Broker on the rpi. The garage doors are working over mqtt. I‘ll attach some screenshots from the configuration, hopefully someone can help me.
Thanks in advance


Can we safely assume that you have correctly configured the MQTT controller on your ESPEasy device? There is no screenshot showing that configuration.

Sorry forgot it.

Great, thanks for the screenshot. That looks promising.

I can see that you hard-coded the topic in “Controller Publish”. If you have more devices you probably want to change that to %sysname%/%valname% instead, and ESPEasy will automatically populate the correct values from the device configuration.

I’ve migrated to ESPHome, and only have 1 ESPEasy device left at the moment, but in my configuration I am not using a leading / for “Subscribe” or “Publish”. Likewise the state_topic value then wouldn’t need a leading / either. I honestly can’t remember if this fixed it, but worth a try.

I just saw that there is even some documentation on MQTT with ESPEasy:

If esphome is supporting the A0 moisture Sensor I’ll give it a try. But I’ll test your suggestion.

Looks like it’s just an analogue sensor, and these are indeed supported in ESPHome: