ESPHome 2022.8.1 Flooded Home Assistant Integrations


I updated ESPHome to 2022.8.1 from the previous version and then my Home Assistant integrations became completely flooded with one of my outdated devices. Can somebody please help me fix this?

Another possibly related problem I’m still trying to fix is that the new sensors added to dev-air-quality (another ESPHome device) won’t appear in the dashboard, or as entities, but that has been a problem for longer.

And another possibly related problem is that deleted ESPHome devices still appear as HA devices with entities that I can’t get rid of.

A simple HA restart should fix that for you

Just delete the esphome integrations for that devices in HA and all related entities will disappear

Thanks orange-assistant.

For anybody else reading this, restarting home assistant didn’t do anything, but deleting the ESPHome device from the ESPHome menu, and the integration page, and then restarting HA did help.