ESPHome 3d printable DIY mood Lamp

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Hi guys,

as a part of the d-diot project today I have finished this DIY 3d-printable mood lamp.

The lamp is based on the Lolin NodeMCU V3 board (ESP8266) and the firmware is generated with ESPHome which is already part of the d-diot image.

The case files are available in thingiverse.

If someone is interested, here an overview of the lamp and here the detailed build instructions.


Thanks a lot for that very nice project and I planned to do similar since a long time :wink: Looks like I just have to build your design and I should be good :smiley: Few questions if you don’t mind:
-> do you have the BOM in a format usable by PCB manufacturer ? such as SeeedStudio !
-> what is the real size of the PCB ? SeeedStudio tells me 100 * 100mm but on your wiki the board looks rectangular and not square !

Thanks :wink:


Hi Vincen,

thanks for your feedback, the board dimensions are 48x58 mm. If SeedStudio is like other manufacturer (JLCPCB, PcbNew, etc…) 100x100 mm is only the max limit, but inside this limits any shape is allowed :wink:.

Regarding the BOM I don’t have any other format except for the interactive tool (v.1.0 here and v.2.0 here), but all the Kicad project is available in the github repository, so maybe you can download it and generate your own BOM.

The version 2.0 of the board is better (see here why), but I don’t have tested it.
It should work but double check the schematics, if you want to be sure.

In any case the board could be a good investment because, with an appropriate enclosure and soldering the barrel jack connector (J7), you can use it as a standalone Wifi LED strip controller.

Let me know how your build proceed, if you decide to go ahead! :+1:

Hi guys, thanks to the support to the d-diot project provided by PCBWay I have tested the board v.2.0 and it works perfectly, so it is a better choice respect to the version 1.0 (see here why).

Here you can order the board v.2.0 directly from PCBWay, without downloading the Gerber file from the d-diot website.

Hi guys,
with the same PCB of the lamp today I have finished to build a small 3d printable LED controller.

If someone is interested, here more details and here the detailed build instructions.