Esphome: adding a new device stuck on initializing


I’m trying to add a new nodemcu esp8266 device that I got from Amazon last year.
I managed to add one of them when I got it via the Esphome add-on and the device is running fine.

However, when I tried to add now a another similar device, the UI is stuck at Initializing.
The device is connected via a USB cable to my RPI 4.

In addition, my working device is shown as OFFLINE, although it is functioning 100%.

I suspect that a restore from backup I did few weeks ago, might have caused issues with some add-ons.
For example, for the SSH & Web Terminal, I had to disable protection mode to make it work again.

But I didn’t see any protection mode for Esphome.
The logs don’t show any information regarding this issue either.

Any idea on what can go wrong and how this can be fixed?
If I reinstall the Esphome addon, will I be able to add the working device back?


Did you even resolve this issue?
I’m running into the initializing loop as well.

Unfortunately no, I gave up on that issue. Sorry