ESPHome addon in HA not autosaving anymore?

Is it just me or after newest update of ESPHome plugin it doesn’t save yaml when i click on “install”? Until now (when we’ve had button" upload") this addon always automatically saved yaml when i clicked “upload”. Now it doesn’t anymore… so, say, i spend an eternity to make all needed changes, then i click “install” and … voila… all my work is gone with the wind…

If that is so it is worth knowing, thank you, I’ll test.

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I tested and confirm. That is unfortunate. Are you going to post an issue or shall I? If so, what versions are you on?

Please, you do if you can, i never did it before, so i’d struggle…
I have all latest, running HA in Synology VM: HA OS 6.0, Core 2021.6.6 and Supervisor 2021.06.3
ESPHome add-on is v 1.19.2

Many thanks!

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And apparently fixed

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@nickrout : Thanks again for your help!
I’ll wait for update and check out…

EDIT: it works!