Esphome addon update sensor missing

Lately i see that i don’t receive a notification when new esphome addon version is available (under settings, at the top where all updates are shown). I did some research and sensor “update.esphome_update” is missing in my HA. I also have dev version of esphome installed and that sensor is present. I removed dev version (and update sensor was deleted), then i removed my “correct” version ,reinstalled it, restarted HA… but sensor is still not there, so new version notifications are not possible, of course. That way i missed quite some versions lately, like today when i found out that i have v2023.10.3 while 2023.10.5 is out already, so i totally missed 10.4. Not that it’s life threatening, but i wonder what’s wrong…?
Any clues?

Is it disabled?

(Use the entity list filters)

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YES! it was indeed disabled. How come… it’s not clear to me… i definitely didn’t do it…
I only looked under developer tools - states, but it wasn’t there, of course… a big thanks! I’d never thought to look for disabled entity…

Strange things happen lately to me, as it seems… like today (overnight) 5 of my automations became “unavailable”. When i digged in it turned out that 2 of my esphome modules changed it’s device ID overnight. How is this possible…? What’s happening to my HA all of the sudden…?

OK, i did change database a couple of days ago - i migrated from mariaDB (addon in HA) back to original sqlite (using guide here on forums) and it went smoothly. Bu, could that be the culprit? History is still here, nothing got lost, so i kinda doubt it…