ESPHome administration module stopped working

Apparently some time ago the administration section of my ESPHome stopped working. When I say administration I mean the section that lets you update and administrate your ESPHome devices. I’m not sure exaclty when since the ESPHome itself have continued working, collecting values from my ESPHome devices (I have 8 or so, mostly Sonoff and Wemos boards). My guess is that it happened some time on the road while upgrading homeassistant and ESPHome.
I’m currently running the latest:
HomeAssistant: core-2021.11.1, supervisor-2021.10.8
ESPHome: 2021.10.3

When clicking on the menu “ESPHome” which should show the administration section I get:
“Add-on is not running. Please start it first”

Then, when I try to start the add on I get:
“Unknown error, see supervisor”

Then, when I check the log section of supervisor I get:
“21-11-09 10:39:10 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.utils.json] Can’t write /data/addons/data/a0d7b954_esphome/options.json: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/data/addons/data/a0d7b954_esphome/tmpd_z9ydjr’
21-11-09 10:39:10 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.addons.addon] Add-on a0d7b954_esphome can’t write options”

This seems to be the problem. But how to fix it? I cant locate the file mentioned.

Any idears what to do?

Try to remove the add-on and reinstall it again.

Simple but yet powerfull advise, that did the trick :-). I was worried about my configuration would get lost, so I did a backup before the operation. This was not necessary though, nothing was lost and everything worked again. Thanks!