ESPHome and Hayward Aqua Logic

I am looking to see if anyone has created any code to control a Hayward Aqua Logic pool controller using an ESP32 with an RS485 converter. Thanks.

How do I get that into ESPHome?

I’ve been trying to control and integrate Hayward Aqua Plus into HA for a while with varying degrees of success. Using RS485-to-WiFi (or -to-Ethernet) I’ve been able to, fairly well, monitor to system. It does seem to overload HA with redundant data every so often, necessitating a restart of HA. I’ve never been able to reliably control switches, etc. Probably too much latency between the HA server sending the command and it being received by the AquaPlus, either via wireless or wired network.

We probably need a microcontroller at the control panel, for example an ESP32 running ESPHome to make sure commands get sent within the short time window necessary.

I don’t think anything like that exists now. I’m sure the existing HA Integration could be leveraged to do all the ESPHome UART parsing,receiving and sending, instead of the HA server. I might try again to play with that but I don’t have any C++ chops.

Some people have also written Hayward remote emulators but I haven’t had any luck myself.

There is a debug port on the Hayward controller board. I would think that someone with the proper knowledge could use it to read and write directly to the board’s memory registers to access all the parameters and settings that are buried beneath all the menu layers.

Another alternative might be to hijack the whole thing and control all the relays, etc. via your own logic and interface, perhaps with ESPHome.

I was hoping there was something already written where I could implement the code and hook up an M5 Atom Lite with an RS485 module to the Hayward Com port. I have one hooked up to control my pump and it works great. I do not have the knowledge to write the code myself unfortunately.

Understood. How are you controlling your pump? Just On/Off scheduling, or something more involved? My Hayward VSP’s controller board (EcoStar?) died last year and it was easier and cheaper for me to replace the controller and motor with a Century VGreen VSP. That uses a different RS485 protocol that’s better documented but still it’s not a straightforward MODBUS. I’ve had better luck talking to it via ESPHome UART. I also have an optional cloud-based automation interface (VLink) that so far is working OK. Ultimately, I’d like to unify everything with my own local interface in ESPHome, maybe on an M5Stack Core 2. But that’s all talk at this point. :wink:

Here is what I use as I too have the same pump as you. I then used Node Red to create automations for on/off, speed, and times.

Oh yeah, I’ve seen that and it’s looked pretty cool. My pump is the VGreen 270, so it doesn’t seem likely that it can talk Jandy, although I haven’t tried myself to see if protocol change will stick, since my pump only has 4 DIP switches. Interestingly, the protocol does mention being able to change to Hayward also but I haven’t played with that either.

I’ll have to get off my butt and start tinkering again.

I have the VGreen 165 and it works great.

So I just have the M5 connected directly to the RS485 on the pump and not the Hayward panel.