ESPHome and MDI icons rename starting 0.113.0

Good day! Yesterday I have updated my HA Core to 0.113.0 and due to their update of Material Design icons I started to receive messages like below into the log.

Icon mdi:periodic-table-co2 was renamed to mdi:molecule-co2, please change your config, it will be removed in version 0.115.

Fair enough. So I went to the ESPHome Dashboard and updated/uploaded new configs where mdi:periodic-table-co2 was replaced with mdi:molecule-co2. One of the examples:

  # SENSOR #1 average for 60 min
  - platform: template
    name: "Bedroom MH-Z19 CO2 Average Value"
    unit_of_measurement: "ppm"
    icon: "mdi:molecule-co2" # <--- replaced value
    update_interval: 30s
    accuracy_decimals: 2
    lambda: |-
      return id(mh_z19b_1).state;
      - sliding_window_moving_average:
          window_size: 120
          send_every: 2
          send_first_at: 2

However after uploading, the corresponding HA entity didn’t change the icon. It still shows mdi:periodic-table-co2 on the settings card and proposes me to override it.

Any ideas on how to fight this? My expectation was that I update config, upload, and a corresponding HA entity is updated with the new icon.

Hum… It looks like I was able to partially get what I wanted by restarting the HA server (Configuration -> Server Control -> Server Managemenet -> Restart).

However only partially. It looks like Core version 0.113.0 require icon-related updates in Add-Ons. Like VSCode or in this case ESPHome. There are icons coming by default with some sensor platforms (like below)

  - platform: mhz19

And in order to painlessly migrate to 0.115.0 they has to be updated in add-ons or every user has to do manual override.

If that does not happen in time you can always use customize to change the icon. Did you open this issue?

For sure. Will just take time but nothing critical.

Yep. That was me.