ESPHome and neopixelbus - not responding

Hi all - I’m a bit lost. Normally I know my way around ESPHome and all the different peripherals like sensor, relays, … , but not today.

I’m now trying to create a wakeup light with some components I had lying around:

  • Wemos Lolin D32 Pro microcontroller (see pinout below)
  • A 12V RGB led strip
  • an RGB LED Strip Driver Module based on the P9813 led driver

I’m using the following ESPHome configuration:

  - platform: neopixelbus
    type: RGB
    variant: P9813
    data_pin: GPIO12
    clock_pin: GPIO13
    num_leds: 132
    name: "slaapkamer_2_licht_bed"

I’ve wired the Lolin D32 Pro as follows:

  • GND D32 Pro => GND Led Driver
  • 3.3V => Vcc Led Driver
  • Pin 12 => Din
  • Pin 13 => Cin

I triple checked my wiring and yet I cannot control anything from HA (logs from the device in ESPHome shows that it’s well connected to HA). Does anybody have an idea of what I did wrong?

Are you sure that works with 3.3V? I found some random P9813 breakout boards on Aliexpress and they all require ~5V.

Also (but maybe not related to your issue), this reference says that GPIO12 is a strapping pin and boot may fail if pulled high.