ESPHome and network monitoring (checkmk)

Hi Guys,

ESPHome devices are getting more and more critical to monitor. If they fail, it could cause issues on automatons and much more.

I’m running a network monitoring tool (Checkmk) to monitor the helst, status and issues on my network. For anyone who had not done this, I definitely recommend it!. It showed a couple of unknown issues on my network and servers.

Now the next step would be to integrate this to the extend of my essential ESPHome network devices.

For the best integration with network monitoring, an SNMP service on ESPhome devices would be the best. Reporting parameters would be for example uptime, wifi signal strength, LAN connected, MQTT/API connected etc…

Another way to do this would be to create a script in the network monitoring tool that polls specific sensors on the ESPHome devices. It would be nice if there is a “status” response on the http server that provides a standardized set of information to parse.

This would mean that you need specific But my preference would be to try to integrate a standardized solution for integrating these devices in network monitoring tools.

So there are the questions.

  1. Does anyone already has integrated the devices in a network monitoring environment ?
  2. Does anyone has experience with SNMP and ESPHome ?
  3. Is there a sort of status page that can be created that provides data for monitoring?

There is and you don’t need an external program to monitor it. Implement this sensor on each of your ESP boards:

Then write an automation that monitors these binary sensors, e.g.:

- id: 575d6820-6e39-41bb-8186-db4215031fe2
  alias: 'ESP Connection Monitor'
    platform: state
      - binary_sensor.irrigation_status
      - binary_sensor.gpio_bridge_status
      - binary_sensor.some_other_critical_device
    to: 'off'
      minutes: 1
  - service: notify.telegram_system
      title: '⚠️ *Lost Comms*'
      message: "Communication lost to {{}}."