ESPHOME and new CC1101 entry installs but errors on starting

Hi - I am using ESPHome within Home Assistant, running on RPi4 with 4GB RAM. I already have one ESP node working well with temperature sensors. I’m now trying to create another so that I can monitor my iBoost solar diverter using this github project GitHub - JNSwanson/ESP-Home-iBoost: ESPHOME Marlec iboost integration

I have tried this with two different CC1101 boards and several D1 mini clone boards - now I’ve tried with a genuine Lolin D1 Mini board, but am consistent#ly getting errors after compilation and flashing, when the node tries to start. Having googled the error, memory shortage on the board seems to be suggested sometimes - I thought using a genuine board might help but that hasn’t been the case.

Now tryingv to get a little further but really this is beyond me so I would be very grateful for some pointers as to where to look. This is the error I’m getting:

[14:45:42][C][ota:097]:   Address: cc1101.local:8266
[14:45:42][C][ota:103]:   OTA version: 2.
[14:45:42][C][api:025]: Setting up Home Assistant API server...
[14:45:42]SPI OK
[14:45:42][W][iBoost:113]: SPI OK
[14:45:44]--------------- CUT HERE FOR EXCEPTION DECODER ---------------
[14:45:44]Soft WDT reset
[14:45:44]Exception (4):
WARNING Exception type: Level1Interrupt: Level-1 interrupt as indicated by set level-1 bits in the INTERRUPT register
[14:45:44]epc1=0x4010075a epc2=0x00000000 epc3=0x00000000 excvaddr=0x00000000 depc=0x00000000
WARNING Decoded 0x4010075a: __digitalRead
WARNING Found stack trace! Trying to decode it
[14:45:44]ctx: cont
[14:45:44]sp: 3ffffcf0 end: 3fffffd0 offset: 0160
[14:45:44]3ffffe50:  40201094 3ffefa40 3ffef8a0 4020109e  
WARNING Decoded 0x40201094: CC1101::reset()
WARNING Decoded 0x4020109e: CC1101::reset()
[14:45:44]3ffffe60:  00000000 3ffefa40 3ffef8a0 4021219e  
WARNING Decoded 0x4021219e: iBoostBuddy::setup()
[14:45:44]3ffffe70:  3fff11a4 00000009 3ffef784 40210831  
WARNING Decoded 0x40210831: esphome::Application::setup()
[14:45:44]3ffffe80:  00000006 00000006 3fff1a4c 40100b42  
WARNING Decoded 0x40100b42: umm_free_core at umm_malloc.cpp
[14:45:44]3ffffe90:  00000028 00000014 00000005 3ffef784  
[14:45:44]3ffffea0:  3fff16ac 00000020 3fff17fc 3ffef784  
[14:45:44]3ffffeb0:  3fff16ac 3ffef8ac 3fffff64 40213fab  
WARNING Decoded 0x40213fab: setup
[14:45:44]3ffffec0:  00000000 feefeffe feefeffe feefeffe  
[14:45:44]3ffffed0:  402272dc 00000000 7fc00000 00000000  
WARNING Decoded 0x402272dc: AsyncServer::setNoDelay(bool)
[14:45:44]3ffffee0:  3fff161c 3fff1620 3fff1620 00000000  
[14:45:44]3ffffef0:  3ffffef8 00000008 3f3f3f3f 3f3f3f3f  
[14:45:44]3fffff00:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  
[14:45:44]3fffff10:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  
[14:45:44]3fffff20:  00000000 00000000 00000000 402272dc  
WARNING Decoded 0x402272dc: AsyncServer::setNoDelay(bool)
[14:45:44]3fffff30:  00000000 7fc00000 00000000 3fff160c  
[14:45:44]3fffff40:  3fff1610 3fff1610 402272a4 00000000  
WARNING Decoded 0x402272a4: AsyncServer::setNoDelay(bool)
[14:45:44]3fffff50:  7fc00000 00000000 3fff109c 3fff10bc  
[14:45:44]3fffff60:  3fff10bc 3fff17fc 3fff1800 3fff1800  
[14:45:44]3fffff70:  00000000 3fffff84 00000001 feefeffe  
[14:45:44]3fffff80:  feefeffe 3fff17dc feefeffe feefeffe  
[14:45:44]3fffff90:  3fff178c 00000000 3fffff64 feefeffe  
[14:45:44]3fffffa0:  feefeffe feefeffe feefeffe 3ffefc50  
[14:45:44]3fffffb0:  3fffdad0 00000000 3ffefc24 40222634  
WARNING Decoded 0x40222634: loop_wrapper() at core_esp8266_main.cpp
[14:45:44]3fffffc0:  feefeffe feefeffe 3fffdab0 40100465  
WARNING Decoded 0x40100465: cont_wrapper
[14:45:44]--------------- CUT HERE FOR EXCEPTION DECODER ---------------
[14:45:44] ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,6)
[14:45:44]load 0x4010f000, len 3424, room 16 
[14:45:44]tail 0
[14:45:44]chksum 0x2e
[14:45:44]load 0x3fff20b8, len 40, room 8 
[14:45:44]tail 0
[14:45:44]chksum 0x2b
[14:45:44]csum 0x2b

Grateful for any pointers. Happy to post more YAML if necessary, but wondered if there might be some generic cause/ideas.


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