ESPHome and Plex Media Server

Hi there,

Can anyone read data from Plex Media Server with ESPHome? I’m trying to make a small OLED screen that shows media playing on Plex, without using HA. But I haven’t been able to reach to PMS using Plex APIs. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Nope it’s not possible because among others API with Plex is a delicate subject !! Easiest way is to add Plex integration in HA that allows you to get informations you want and then push them easily to ESPHome :wink:

Thank you prompt answer. Sad to hear that.

Why ? It’s quite easy to do, just add Plex integration in HA, links it with your plex account and server and then in ESPHome you can retrieve straight any variables from HA to do what you want with them in ESPHome :wink:

I’m already using HA at my home. But I want to make a standalone device for my friend. Also he dont want to use HA or any other dependency :slight_smile:

ah I understand but yep it’s impossible as far as I know straight from the ESP :frowning: