EspHome and SIM900A

I have Arduino and SIM900A board. I’m planning to set up a better alarm system for my HA, which calls my phone if something happens. HA Android app is not reliable, notifications not always going through. Don’t know if Android puts it to sleep or something. So I decided to go SMS and calls.

Is there a way to integrate SIM900A to EspHome? Arduino just need to send serial commands through D9 and D10 to SIM900A. But is it possible to embed custom code to EspHome board somehow? Most of the tutorials are about temperature sensors or blinking a led. I could also have a double Arduinos, first one with EspHome and toggles one alarm pin. Second one reads the pin and sends command to SIM900A board. But that doesnt sound good.

I assume you have seen Sim800L Component — ESPHome which sounds as if it is similar. In fact if you read all the docs you will see it is possible to add UART components and indeed any C++ code.

Did you manage to use SIM900A module Using EspHome and HA?

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