ESPHome - Athom RGB LED controller

Just curious if anyone has worked with this controller. Adds to ESPHome quick and easy. Exposes the on/off button and there’s a little custom UI that pops up for the interface to the color control.

I would like to have some presets that are defined specifically, but there is no documentation (one of my gripes with Athom). Device works well so far

It’s unclear what you are actually asking for.

The ESPHome YAML of the device is available at athom-configs/athom-rgb-light.yaml at 3f7cbc8c4bc74ea9cb953de7cb0dc3a22b4a0905 · athom-tech/athom-configs · GitHub, so you can change it to do whatever you want.

Hey koying

I would like to tell the controller to change to a color specifically from an automation or a screen button rather than using the UI template Athom implemented.

I see they have the outpus (red_output, green_output, blue_output) in the YAML, but these don’t seem to make this really accessible, or at least not that I can tell anyway.

All that is available in their device dshboard is an on/off and a dimmer slider. In HA it’s just the on/off only.

Just a little lost here

Sorry if the question is dumb, but did you actually add the Athom as an ESPHome device in HA, already?

If so, you don’t see a light in HA?

Yup, added to HA via the ESPHome integration.

Looks like this

Clicking on the “Athom RGB Light Strip” opens this UI

This is the stock YAML.
Their little UI works well, just not seeing any way to commad it something liek 225,0,0 for a red led setting

Ok, then I don’t get what “presets” you’re talking about.

Can’t you simply use HA scenes?
Or use a plain light.turn_on service call with a rgb value?

I suppose that’s my hangup. All I can seem to find is light.turn_on to turn the LEDs on/off.

Scenes doesn’t get me any closer as I can odd the light.turn_on (same as in lovelace), but that’s it. I cannot (or at least cannot figureout how to) set the colors.

Only thing I seem to be able to do from HA (aside from manually interacting with the canned Athom UI) is turn the LED strip on or off.

I’m sure I just don’t have my head on straight here and it’s probably a lot easier than I’m making it out to be

I’m confused. You don’t know how to change colors in the HA UI?
Just press one of those buttons


You can do the same in the developer tools

Or via a YAML service call

service: light.turn_on
    - 149
    - 20
    - 20
  entity_id: light.bloom

Well, shit
That’s what I’m missing.
I guess I just haven’t dug much in to HA beyond just connecting things and making them function.

The Services tool gets me to the YAML I need

Thanks for the help bud