ESPHome BLE Scanner & Samsung Smart Tag (has it been done?help)

As title says, has anyone managed to connect a Samsung smart tag to the BLE Scanner in an ESP32?

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I’m interested in that too. I see that I can see some apple stuff on BLE - looks like mac, phone and airtag. Samsungs smart tag is nowhere there though.

Use the nrf app to post the code here

for further discussion check this thread Discord

That’s the issue, all Samsung Tags appear to be outputting the same IDs and the MAC addresses are random.

can you post the data here? IF you are talking about UUID those are the same I think

Did you ever figure this out? I am in the process of trying to figure it out myself.
Data From nrF Connect:


Data from ESPressence:

1 Close | MAC: 5862b3a111f3, ID: smarttag:20
1 Left  | MAC: 5862b3a111f3, ID: smarttag:20

Mac is random and UUID is same for all TAGs.

I suppose its OK if you only have the one tag, but may be an issue if it picks up other nearby TAGs.

So, gave up.

Let me know how you get on!

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Haha yeah, no, I’m pretty sure we went through the same road. I did actually contact Samsung directly and the first agent I spoke to knew what I was talking about, I thought that was pretty neat. Unfortunately, the best they could do after trying to see if the tags appear in (they don’t) was refer me to the community boards. I posted, and had someone interested in helping, but we realized we would have to modify the signal sent from the tag, without an option for it, we don’t really have the ability.

So, I bought 5 Tile Stickers and the collars that hold Airtags. Stickers work well, waiting on the collars now.


Oh, it’s interesting that Samsung are still listening.
Previous research for me highlighted that they weren’t willing to add the Tags into IDE … but it was something they’re still “exploring”.

There was also rumours that Samsung was going to Implement some sort of API to the Samsung Find (where you can actually track the tags) but again, still a rumour.

This is interesting though, majority of others are using the Tiles for Demo’s & tutorials so I though of getting some just for the BLE Tracker.

Can you also share the links?
What are the collars and stickers?
Are Airtags from Apple?

(Sorry for all questions!)

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1 Pack Airtag Cat Collar
Or for dog collars
Can hold either the Apple Airtag, or the Tile Sticker. Airtags are a little more difficult to differentiate between, but is possible. The tile was SUPER simple. The best tile deal is on their app. Download it, press plus and then hit shop > sticker then scroll past the first 4 pack to find the one with premium. Don’t feel sorry! I love this stuff! I went with the sticker for the size. Make sure to get a breakaway collar for a cat, they can break their neck easily with the others.

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