ESPHome Climate extend not working

  tx_pin: GPIO19
  rx_pin: GPIO22
  platform: esp32
  board: esp32dev

    ref: main
    file: econet_heatpump_water_heater.yaml
  #common: !include common.yaml

  package_import_url: github://esphome-econet/esphome-econet/build-yaml/${name}-${platform}.yaml@${github_ref}
  import_full_config: false

  - id: !extend climate.econet_hpwh_water_heater
      min_temperature: 85
      max_temperature: 150

  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password

I get this result

INFO ESPHome 2024.4.1
INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/econet.yaml...
Failed config

climate.unknown: [source /config/esphome/econet.yaml:20]
  Source for extension of ID 'climate.econet_hpwh_water_heater' was not found.
  id: !extend climate.econet_hpwh_water_heater
    min_temperature: 85
    max_temperature: 150

I’m trying to make my Rheem water heater go up to 150, which apparently it is capable of. But so far I can’t figure out how to use this climate and extend syntax. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. This is my first ESPHome project, so I may be missing something obvious. It is working however to tweak my temperatures and heat mode I believe.

Can You share /config/esphome/econet.yaml file too, please.

Maybe that is the issue. That file path does not exist. I do not kind a config top level folder.
According to file editor my file lives here:

Any idea how I can fix this if this doesn’t match my file folder structure?

Name of component climate defined in remote package is econet_climate.

Use right name without component name:

  - id: !extend econet_climate
      min_temperature: 85
      max_temperature: 150

Perfect, that did it! Thank you!

Does this set the temp to 150 for you on the water heater? I’ve extended and have the visual display in HA working but that doesn’t translate to device. The water heater still will not go above 140.

I finally got around to testing it and yes you’re right. It won’t actually set it to 150.
I have an automation that will trigger it but I assume that also won’t work either.