ESPHome CO2 mmWave Multisensor (Now Available)

I’ve been working on a multisensor project that could be of interest to some members here. The primary goal was to integrate a mmWave radar sensor and other essential sensors into a single, compact device, eliminating the need for multiple units. It includes a Bluetooth Tracker (ESP32-C3-Mini), mmWave Radar Sensor (HLK-ld2410b), LUX and UV Sensor (LTR-390UV), Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Sensor (BME280) and CO2 Sensor (SCD-40) and I got it down to 40.5mm x 32mm x 13.2mm.

One of the main challenges was managing the heat generated by the ESP & mmWave, especially in continuous use. I started out by addressing this in the PCB layout and case design, adding ventilation holes and reorienting components. I’m also working on calibrating the offsets using a reference sensor and modeling the relationship between the ESP’s heat and the raw readings. So far, the results have been consistent across various testing environments but I’m looking for ways to improve this if there are any recommendations.

I brought this up a few weeks ago and sent some units to volunteers from this forum. The feedback has been incredibly helpful in refining the latest version. The CAD models, firmware etc. are in GitHub: GitHub - ApolloAutomation/MSR-1. I’m going to order a much larger run of the PCBs over the next few weeks for anyone who is interested.


This is pretty amazing! How much do you expect it to cost to build one of these?

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The cost is reasonable but the SCD-40 is the most expensive part by far. We have already done the hard work for you though! You can get one on our shop!

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This is amazing! Great Job!

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Thank you! We have had a blast making it and we cannot wait to see what users do with it. See the comments above for a link to our shop, discord, and wiki!