ESPHome component master HomeAssistant (No MQTT, No Helpers)

Hello everyone,

I’ve been exploring a way to create a switch within ESPHome device configuration that can be toggled on/off even when the device is offline.

Here’s the concept I have in mind:

Currently, all switches and components only function in Home Assistant when the device is online and connected. However, I propose a component type where Home Assistant always acts as the master. In other words, when the ESP device comes online, it would query Home Assistant to obtain the value of this component.

I’m aware that this can be achieved with helpers, but imagine having hundreds of ESP devices. Managing each component as a helper would be cumbersome, and you’d need to be very cautious not to accidentally delete one you’re using or keep unnecessary ones. With this approach, everything can be configured in ESP Home, and the device will automatically create the necessary “helpers” when it connects, without requiring any additional manual manipulation.

Why is this beneficial? Well, it would facilitate tasks and maintenance on devices that are in deep sleep mode. Do preset for watering, or change regulations.

And all that, without MQTT or helpers.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea. Alternatively, does anyone have a solution for implementing this?


This? Home Assistant Sensor — ESPHome

Yes, but No.
It will ready existing entites in HA, but will no create and delete them from the ESPHome configuration.
Or did I miss something?

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