ESPhome connection problem fixed ip adress from other network

I’m having a problem with connecting to my ESPhome node. I am moving all the nodes to another network. Everything went fine, but after a few I got a little sloppy and forgot to hash (#) the static ip adress in the yaml file. Result: I uploaded the new SSID credentials for the new network network (192.168.2.x) with the old fixed IP adress (192.168.1.x) from the old network.

The node is connected (green in the ESP home addon) and visible in my router, but I cannot reach it anymore from the ESPhome addon and cannot upload anything. I also tried ‘use_adress’ with the static adress from the old network but that does not work either.

Someone any ideas? The node is behind a lot of wires and I really woul not like to take it out for a new USB flash.