ESPhome Cover, how to force a known position

When you use the ‘Time based cover’ (or the ‘Feedback cover’) in ESPhome it will ‘guess’ the current position according to the running time of the motor. You can also add end switches. In our setup we have switches at certain positions of the cover like 33% and 66%. So it is known when the cover is at 66%, how can you update the internal ‘guessed’ position to the known position of 66% (see it like a calibration of the internally calculated position)? This will greatly improve acuracy for e.g. 50%.
Thanks for any help!

I suspect you may need to use a template cover and develop your own lambda in the position: .

They didnt expose any way to modify the logic for estimated position or atleast none ive seen or heard of. You can ignore it and make your own logic in the feedback cover or a template cover. I did something similar with mine where it checks the open/closed state and then updates a text sensor to show Opening,Open,Closing,Closed,Stopped/Idle.

I know it already shows this within the cover entity but i wanted those states in another spot and you cant get them outside of the cover entity so i made my own logic.

Its probably very similar to what you need.

A long time ago i wanted a more precise position like you do and i was able to modify a rotary encoder to fit inside the shaft above the door that has the springs. So, that gives you movement, it gives you opening or closing and then you will know that (X) number of clicks is a full open to closed movement. Then all you do is take the number of clicks after each time it moves then add or subtract that from the total and that gives you an open/closed % very accurately.

So if the door is closed and you fully open it, lets say the rotary encoder gives you a value of 100. Push the button to start closing the door and then stop it. Now the rotary encoder shows a counterclockwise movement of 25 steps. 100 - 25 = 75. Now you know the door is 75% open or vise versa 25% closed.

Thats what i would try to do if i were you. Even though youve got switches at 33% and 66% as well as one at fully open and fully closed. Thats 4 switches youve got to wire, 4 failure points and your still going to be doing a level of guessing when you just want to crack the door. Is it closer to just cracked or is it closer to 33% where someone could slide underneath it? You cant really know and its gonna be a guess.